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Using Crypto Mining to heat buildings and help grow plants

Did you know that Crypto mining can have more than one use besides hashing? Yes! A few companies around the world have already started building relationships with their local community and creating partnerships. For example, Norway's largest Data Centre and Crypto Mining farm, Kryptovault, is using the residual heat generated from their miners and servers to dry wood for a local lumberjack. Another example of a multipurpose use for Crypto mining is just across the North Sea in the Netherlands where a miner partnered with a flower farmer to heat the greenhouses that the flowers grow in. This reduces the use of natural gas and ultimately costs less to keep the business running. I've given two examples in Europe but what about North America? Has anyone done something similar? If you you answered 'Yes' then you'd be correct. On the west coast of Canada in North Vancouver, residual heat from miners are being used to heat over 100 homes in the town of over 155,000. 
The possibilities are essentially endless for what could be done with the heat that is generated from the miners, and it's only a matter of time before we see more partnerships with these ideas in place.
For more information on the projects check out their website! https://mintgreen.co/

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